From the start of term 2 I was fascinated by blogging and how creative you can be with themes, posts,widgets and photos.

I think the effect on me has grown from the more I have learnt, the bigger the effect has grown such as having colour schemes, adding videos, pictures and widgets.

That is the effect but overall it gives you something creative to do and there is always something to learn. That’s why I love blogging and that’s why it has effected me.

How to improve your blog. Top 5

#5. posts. A way to spice up your blog is with some great posts and to do posts that everyone will like.


#4. knowing you have heaps of visitors. A way of showing your visitors is with a simple flag counter to show your visitors.


#3. other pages. A way to help your blog is with pages about anything expressing yourself.


#2. widgets. Probably the best way of impresing people with your blog is with widgets.


#1. expressing yourself. The only way of having a good blog is with expressing  yourself.

When is it appropriate for primary kids to use pictures of themselves on the internet?

I believe it is when they think their ready to believe its safe and secure for them to put pictures on the Internet this includes talking over it with your parents. I would say not to do close up pictures and with out your family. Try to keep it as private as possible.

Over all I would say its a bad idea for photos of yourself on the internet for looking at all over the world. So I will see you next time. Kane.

Why you should visit my blog!

You might be wondering why I’m promoting my blog when its already EPIC but its because I have to, now I’m  going to tell you 10 reasons why its awesome

#10 blog roll. My blog roll contains ALL the people in my class plus all the other blogs I like.

#9 Theme. My theme is EPIC and if that’s not enough I made my background my posts all match the main colour.

#8 Posts. My posts are informative and interesting plus I’ve done all the challenges.

#7 blog title. my blog title includes alt codes tom fully pimp my blog! which is a awesome touch.

#6 Pages. My pages are awesome I’ve got everything from cool cars to sick vids.

#5 widgets. My widgets are also EPIC they consist of bubbles, vids ,photos and calendars.

#4 my flag counter.My flag counter has heaps of flags such as Thailand, Australia, USA, Algeria, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

#3 My Class. My class has 30 students and all have great blogs some of my favs are griff, harrison, hazza, brendon, glenny,oli, jono, liam b, tom and liam k.

#2 My vids. My vids are really AWESOME they consist of NRL biggest hits, NRL best tries and a modern warfare 2 vid.

#1 ME. The best part about this blog is the creator. ME!.


On Saturday our school had a fete and if your wondering what a fete is its like a carnival. I got there around when it started 10 o clock. Our fete had stalls ( little shops selling stuff.) We had cake stalls,lolly stalls and tombola stalls. We had rides like bungie trampoline, rock climbing, giant slide, chair ride and a jumping castle.Attendance at the fete was around 700.  Most of the money from the fete goes to getting sports equipment. At the end of the day I reckon we raised over 40,000 which is awesome. We also had things like raffles there was a seafood one, a raffle for a bike and a TRIP TO THE SNOW!. There was also a action which my uncle won to GO MEET THE KNIGHTS AFTER THE GAME!.THERE are only some of the activities at the fete and I hope you enjoy my blog!.


Guy, best dad ever☻

My dad, Guy is the best dad ever.This being because he is a great roll model having had he has played first grade Rugby Union, loves to coach everything and own his own business.


My dad is a great Rugby Union player. he has played first grade rugby for years. Also he can teach you ANYTHING about Rugby.


My dad likes to coach everything. He has coached school rugby and touch plus coaches club rugby. He has also wanted to coach league and other sports.


My dad is also running his own business, an oyster farm in NSW which he supplies to over 15 shops.


My dad may not be a president or hardcore marine but he is still EPIC!!!!!!!.

Our Stage Three Camp

I’m going to talk to you about our school’s sick camp. It includes going to the middle of nowhere, to Morisset. The camp is awesome having over 10 activities some going over 60km/h or dropping from 16m!. If your wondering what this is, it is a colossal swing being strapped to a harness suspended 16m and then having to pull an innocent bead that will send you flying to then com up and do it again. As you can see it is scary but that’s not all. There is a flying fox that sends you 15m above rocks trees and people. For this you’re strapped to a harness. To start you jump off a tower then hurdle down a cable. Some other activities include orienteering, county fair, canoeing, archery and a tonne of other games and activities.